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Much more than the african scenery that recalls the magical Serengeti...


Universally known as the Spanish Serengeti, the wealth of this National Park is much more than the great grasslands where hundreds of Reed Deers grazing under the hipnotized eye of the visitor. Over 900 botanical species (of wich 720 are plants with flowers) and 276 vertebrate species (of wich 198 are birds), concentrate the best of the Iberian Mediterranean Forest, the ecosystem with more biodiversity in Europe.


Buitre Negro Black Vulture Natura Indómita


Located in the northwest side of the Ciudad Real province, and just one hour by car from Almagro, its visit is the most remarkable that can be done if you are interested in discover one of the last wildest areas of Spain.

Healthy populations of Black Vulture (216 pairs in 2017 with 186 fledglings) coexist with the best cast of raptors in Spain: Spanish Imperial & Golden Eagles, Short-Toed & Booted Eagles, Red & Black Kites, Goshawk, Sparrowhawk, Peregrine Falcon, Montagu’s & Hen Harriers, Lesser Kestrel and, icon of raptors in Spain, the beautiful Black-Shouldered Kite, are birds that breeds within the limits of the park . Hobby, Honey Buzzard & Red-Footed Falcon are common sights on migration, mostly in the flowery month of May, where the park shows the traveler its most lovely galas.


Imperial Calatravena Natura Indomita


In the 8.000 Hectares of grasslands and Holm Oak savannas, called La Raña de Santiago in Spanish, dozens of Little Bustard mingle with Thekla, Wood, Greater Short-Toed & Calandra Larks, very wild Red-Legged Partridges, Spanish Sparrow, Mistle Thrush, Great Spotted Cuckoo and Raven.


Sisón Little Bustard Natura Indómita


The dense thickets of vegetation in the slopes of the Cabaneros mountains can offer other productive birdlife, such as a plethora of Sylvia Warblers (Dartford, Sardinian & Subalpine are the common ones) and lots of forest species, like the iberian endemism Azure-Winged Magpie, Jays, Green Woodpeckers, Woodchat Shrikes, Golden Orioles and tinny Tits. The plains also host the best populations of Rollers of the area, while Nuthatch, Short-Toed Tree Creeper and the Great Spotted Woodpecker occur in the denses Gall & Oaks forests of the park.


La Carraca Natura INdomita


Apart from the hundreds of Reed Deers that can be spotted inside the park boundaries, grasslands also atract herds of Wild Boars and solitaires Red Foxes that can be seen in the cold dawns, while other wildlife, such as Otters, Egyptian Mongeese, Beech Martens & Badgers can be found, with some luck, before nightfall.


Ciervo y Encina Natura Indómita


Other interesting mammals are Iberian Hare and new populations of Rabbits that are being fostered by policies that seek to increase food suplies for big raptors. The park is also an excellent place to spot the Ocellated Lizard, a south-western Europe endemism, and the scarce European Pond Tortoise.


Lagarto ocelado Natura Indomita


Seldom-visited, the north side of the park brings excellent opportunities for some very rare species in the region, such as Dipper or, even, in the blue skies of La Mancha, the mighty silhouette of the Lamergeier. This bird, coming from Cazorla Natural Park in Andalusia, is being commonly seen in the area since they began to be released in 2006.

The park is also home of some of the most rare flora that can be found in Center Spain, with a selection of Carnivore Plants and Relict Trees that can be the delight of any nature lover.


Vicente Malagón. Revised 2017.


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El animal más bello de Cabañeros Natura Indómita Jabalí entre el brezal Natura Indómita


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