responsible turism1NATURA INDÓMITA The Birding specialist in La Mancha & Sierra Morena (SPAIN)

We were extremely impressed with your birding skills and your passion for nature and you really made our trip to Spain one of the best birding trips we've ever had.  At the time, I mentioned to you that I would be writing a magazine  article about birding in La Mancha, and I am happy to report that I did indeed sell the article to "BirdWatcher's Digest."  I hope it's okay with you that I recommended your company in the article, and praised you specifically on your birding acumen and for the consideration and help you
gave us in planning our trip.  The article is geared towards independent birders wishing to explore the region on their own enhanced with optional guided tours provided by companies like Natura Indomita.  The tentative title for the article is "Spanish Conquest -- Birding on a Budget in the Old World" and it is scheduled for publication in 2018. Thanks again for the wonderful birding experience and the beautiful memories of La Mancha.  We’ll never forget the bustards, hoopoes, rollers and nightingales, bee-eaters and so many other spectacular birds you found for us.


Kathleen & Steve (USA) Two Days Private Birding Tour in La Mancha

Article finally published in BIRD WATCHER’S DIGEST March 2019


“Thank you very much!! We have been reflecting on the birding trip and cannot help but continue to discuss the circumstances that occurred in the field with the Sparrowhawk and the Hoopoe!! I think that when you asked me if I had any special requests of birds that I wanted to see, had I written back and said “Just one thing, I would like to see a Sparrowhawk attack, kill and eat a Hoopoe.” You would have said “It is impossible.” But there we were, and right in front of us this spectacle of life unfolded. Those moments, those impossible, amazing moments are the reason that we seek out nature. It is the reason that we take time from our vacations and go birding. I have had many awe inspiring events that have happened when I have been in nature, but our Sparrowhawk predation of the Hoopoe will always be the one I speak of in circles of seasoned birders. We will be back for the Rollers, Bee-eaters and the other spring migrants and summer Spain dwellers, maybe next time we can meet your wife and thank her in person for loaning you out to us for a couple of days… Your birding pal.”

Bob & Jenny (USA) Two Days Private Birding Tour in La Mancha 

“We had a great time,saw some nice birds, animals and plants and enjoyed the lovely countryside, birding places and picnic stops. We also enjoyed your company and thank you for sharing your knowledge with us as this made the trip very interesting apart from the birds. Almagro was an interesting place with good food so we expect to return. Thank you for the check list and for making our visit to your wonderful area so enjoyable. If you find yourself visiting your friend in Mansfield then please get in touch.”

Mel & Lorraine (England) Two Days Private Birding Tour in La Mancha

“Fantastic days. The flocks of Glossy Ibis & Squacco Herons in las Tablas were amazing, but the Eagle Owl at midday was incredible… The landscapes, your guiding and the company of Juanma in Cabañeros was of our complete liking. This is what we expected from our journey to La Mancha”.

Rafael & Mª Dolores (Spain) Full Day Tablas de Daimiel & Cabañeros N.P. and Full Day Steppe Birds of Calatrava

“A brilliant day with lots of new birds for me that otherwise I wouldn’t be able to see. Specially enjoyable was the beautiful landscape of Valle de Alcudia and all the raptors we saw”.

Rose Marie (Holland) Half Day Gorges & Canyons of Valle de Alcudia Natural Park

"Safely back from Spain after a wonderful birdwatching trip. Many thanks to Vicente from Natura Indomita, thanks to whom we have spent an unforgetful time in Valle de Alcudia y Sierra Madrona Natural Park”.

Pavel (Cezch Republic) Half Day Gorges & Canyons of Valle de Alcudia Natural Park

“We have enjoy the morning with excellent views of Great Bustards, Stone Curlew, Pin-Tailed Sandgrouse, etc. What a shame at the end I didn’t get good pictures of the Black-Belied Sandgrouse!”.

Antonio & José Luis (Spain) Half Day Steppe Birds of Calatrava

“Thanks Vicente for the Lynx! It’s been a fantastic weekend with a lot of lifers for me! Hope to see you soon and go looking for our elusive otters”..

Jesús (Spain) Half Day Trip in Calatrava and Special Half Day Tour in Sierra de Andujar

“Vicente – you have been a very fine and professional guide for me in the 3 days we spent together. You have been very kind and done everything possible to see as many of the birds, butterflies and reptiles that I have hoped to watch. Your part of Spain is very beautiful and the landscapes and nature locations are surprisingly diverse. It was also very nice to taste all the special things for lunch from your area that your family has prepared. I wish you the best of luck”.

Bent Halfdan (Denmark) Three Days Nature Tour in La Mancha

"Thanks Vicente for a lifetime experience”.

Phil y Judith (England) Full Day Birding Tour


“Trip to Tablas de Daimiel told and retold to all Valencia. Thanks and continue working with such passion for the untamed nature.”.

Carola (Spain) Half Day Tablas de Daimiel National Park

“Just a brief thank you for our two outstanding days out with your company Natura Indomita. We really enjoyed the whole experience. It is obviously a pleasure to experience 120 species of birds over the two days but I wish to record our pleasure with your reponse to our request to see particular species (Pratincole, Little Bustard, Sandgrouse, Eagle Owl, Imperial Eagle, Roller to name but a few!!) and we remain happily amazed at your intimate knowledge of your `local patch´ wich combined with your excellent English and easy good nature did indeed result in fine days out. Just a final complimentary note on the quality of the interesting `local specialtity´picnics you provided. We don plan to return in a couple of years with the aim of improving on the Lynx viewing we enjoyed. All the best. May 2013.”

Colin & Maureen (England) Two Days Private Birding Tour in Tablas de Daimiel & Sierra de Andujar

“The first day in the steppes was terrific. As you said in just a couple of hours we saw everything. But the second day in the Tablas de Daimiel even was much better. We specially enjoyed the Penduline Tits around its nest, the incredible views of dozens of White Hedaded Ducks & Eared Grebes all together, the couples of Garganeys and Marbled Teals… but for us the best moment was when we saw the Golden Eagle chased by a Marsh Harrier over our heads in las Tablas! Simply amazing!”.

Juan & Lola (Spain) Half Day Steppe Birds of Calatrava and Half Day Tablas de Daimiel N.P.

“People here are amazed that you can see, in only one day, and easily, Deers, Wild Boar, Ibex, Fox, Rabbit, Hare, four or five types of Eagles, Eagle Owls, Little Owls and countless others. All in a sparsely populated natural environment and very little altered”.

César & Estela (Spain) Full Day Sierra de Andujar & Valle de Alcudia Natural Parks

“Both of us want to thank you the pleasant moments we enjoy last week. Whatever you need, you know where we are!”.

Guillem & Mª Dolores (Spain) Full Day Cabaneros National Park

“The Valle de Alcudia is one of the those legendary places that we always wanted to know, but never imagine before the stunning landscape we enjoyed and the rich birdlife of the area. A beautiful day in the heart of Sierra Morena, and a superb discover for us”.

Javier y Blanca (Spain) Full Day Gorges & Canyons of Valle de Alcudia Natural Park

“It seems such along time now due to ‘work’ that we were having such an excellent picnic with you watching Golden Orioles, Hawfinches and Black Storks !! A special day and time one we will never forget!!! Also Vicente we would both like to thank you for a brilliant time with fantastic birding, picnics and company! You may recall we had a list of birds and wildlife we wanted to see, and I thought if you showed us half I would have been happy but to get 16 lifers and for you to casually say I can show a Red Knobbed Coot! Well I was over the moon !!!! So once again thank you for giving us a birding and wildlife experience we will never forget!!!”.

Martyn e Irene (England) Three Days Birding Tour in La Mancha

“Despite the misty morning we had, the rest of the day was terrific, we saw a lot of interesting birds, your organization and the food were fine, and your company too (…) I will recommend your tours and maybe will see you again”.

Jesus y Santiago (Spain) Full Day Photographic Tour in Calatrava Fields

"Our trip with you on the 21st of April has been highly interesting and very successful (…) Your conducted tour was excellent in every respect: birds, plants, explanations to the history of the earth (volcans) and geography, we were pleased very much of all of it. And we loved the culinary specialities of La Mancha, muy rico!”.

Rolf y Sabine (Germany) Full day Birding Tour in Campo de Calatrava


“The afternoon we saw the Lord of the Night and then its lady, together with my sons … in your company, has been one of the best experiences, for me very pleasant, in a nature different from ours in these confines of the Mesoamerican tropics. That orange & blue sky on the horizon in contrast to the rocks, the majestic flight of these birds in your land, that you know so well and whose knowledge you transmit so well and with joy, are a remembrance right now very appreciated. The hike to the lookout at the foot of the La Mancha windmill, and the tea with delicacies, result in my return to Costa Rica a pleasant memory of that ride on one afternoon around Almagro, a city that I have loved for peaceful and friendly . The slow falling of the night and the opportunity to see other birds and wild animals resulted in the end the better final of this beautiful day. Congratulations and thanks for the time for us. Warmly.”

Natalia (Costa Rica) The Lord of the Night: the Eagle-Owl

“Many thanks to you and you wife for looking after us all so well, particularly the late afternoon viewing of Little Bustards, Sand Grouse, Rollers, and Spectacled Warblers. We will come back to Almagro in the future and be sure to give you a call.”.

John & Maureen (England) Full Day ABS Meeting in May 2013

“We may consider ourselves very lucky. Not only have seen a beautiful specimen of Lynx, we even saw it hunting a couple of rabbits and how the Lynx trapped one of them!”.

Eva & Carlos (Spain) Full Day Iberian Lynx Trip

“You’ve been an excellent guide, and the tour very well conducted. The Cabaneros National Park has been a nice surprise for us. We liked it very much, specially the Little Bustards”.

Johannes & Maria Anna (Holland) Full Day Cabañeros National Park

“As a biologist, I always was interested in visiting the wetlands of Tablas de Daimiel. You gave me the opportunity to combine Tablas de Daimiel with Cabaneros, two very different places with a lot of beautiful flora and wildlife. Thanks for this experience I will never forget”.

Priscilla (Argentina) Full Day Tablas de Daimiel & Cabaneros National Park

“We fail in our attempt to see the Lynx in Andujar, but enjoyed our first Otters in the Jandula river and the amazing Osprey in Cabaneros. The northern area of Cabaneros, and the beautiful fossil’s path were some of the best moments of these wonderful days with you. This was our third tour with you, and you know we’ll come back again”.

Luis y Carol (Spain) Four Days Special Tour in La Mancha & Sierra de Andujar

“I am very pleased with the tour of today. I’ve seen species that could not otherwisehave seen. We shall meet again soon”.

Jesús (Spain) Half Day in Tablas de Daimiel National Park

“The birds that we saw were excellent as was the interesting and sometimes beautiful habitat. What is so good about Spanish nature is the wildness and abundance of it i.e. compared with France”.

Jeremy & Christine (England/France) Three Days Birding Tour in La Mancha

“Many thanks for an excellent day’s birding – it is really surprising the diversity in bird life in your area which, at first sight, seems to only have house sparrows and pigeons!”.

Eugene (Ireland) Full Day Photographic Tour in Calatrava Fields

“Vicente, a big thank you for an excellent day!(…) Your insight into the country and the local birds, as well as the food were all much appreciated”.

Roger (England) Full day Birding Tour in Calatrava & Tablas de Daimiel

“The weekend in Almagro was very sucesfull, much better than expected. An interesting place for everything, with a lot to offer and friendly people. I’m going to recommend Almagro and your tours to the people I know. And for us it’s not going to be our last visit.”

Doreen (Spain) Hald Day Tour in Tablas de Daimiel N.P.


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