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La Mancha & Sierra Morena, a real privilege.




¿Do you want to explore the renowned region of La Mancha and its overwhelming natural & historical inheritance? ¿Do you want to discover Sierra Morena, the land of the Iberian Lynx and one of the greatest natural gems of Spain? If your answer is Yes, La Mancha & Sierra Morena could be a revelation for you.


A huge and undiscovered land where you can find ancients traditions, culture, architecture, gastronomy, amazing natural landscapes, some of the best red wines of Spain and, of course, lots of birds: Spanish Imperial Eagle, Black Vulture, Black-Shouldered Kite, White-Headed Duck, Marbled Teal, Squacco Heron, Great Bustard, Little Bustard, Pin-Tailed Sandgrouse, Eagle-Owl, Red-Necked Nightjar, Roller, Penduline Tit… 


Ciervos antes de la Berrea Natura Indomita Ganga Iberica Pin Tailed Sandgrouse Natura Indomita



What can we do for you? 


Our aim is to bring our customers chances to enjoy some of the best birding and nature experiences in the region with the greatest wealth of flora and fauna in the whole Iberian Peninsula:


Nature Trips: for people interested in discovering the natural enviroment of La Mancha & Sierra Morena, including two National Parks, two Natural Parks and fantastic spots for mediterranean wildlife.


Las Pasarelas Natura Indomita


Birding Tours: in La Mancha & Sierra Morena you have high possibilities to watch up to 100 different bird species in only one day, including White-Headed Duck, Spanish Imperial Eagle, Black-Shouldered Kite, Great Bustard, Pin-Tailed Sandgrouse or Red-Necked Nightjar.


Avutardas en Calatrava Natura Indomita


Iberian Lynx Tours: high chances to find Iberian Lynx in its original habitat. 


La sorpresa del Lince en Andujar Natura Indomita


Day Tours: bespoke Tours for birding or finding some of the most sought after species of Spain. Also tours designed for finding mediterranean flora, wild mammals, monumental trees, lost cities and mines, rock paintings, medieval castles, sanctuaries or the Don Quixote of La Mancha Windmills.


Calle de los Molinos Natura Indomita


La Mancha & Sierra Morena offers quality birding and unspoiled natural areas for you, a real privilege in the last wild frontier of Europe. Our impressive list of birds, wild mammals and other wildlife gives you the chance to enjoy memorable days and discover historical places and natural landscapes very little visited by naturalists and travellers from abroad. A wild treasure, comparable to Extremadura and Doñana, hitherto closed to foreign visitors that can be discovered with our qualified guides.


Our land, the closest thing to an African scenery in Europe is blessed with a number of great plains, steppes, swamps, volcanoes and mountain habitats that will be the delight of any nature lover.


The land of the Iberian Lynx.


The land of the last Southern Iberian Wolves.


The land of the Spanish Imperial Eagle, the White Headed Duck and the Pin-Tailed Sandgrouse.


Come and visit Castilla-La Mancha & Andalucia. Here you can find out why the natural region of La Mancha & Sierra Morena is now considered as the best area to go birding and watching wildlife of the whole Spain


La Carraca Natura INdomita


All tours are made around the city of Almagro, located in the centre of the Ciudad Real province and at very short distance to all our birding & nature hotspots:


- Tablas de Daimiel National Park: 30 km. (25 minutes drive)

- Cabañeros National Park: 90 km. (1 hour drive)

- Valle de Alcudia Natural Park: 65 km. (50 minutes drive)

- Sierra de Andujar Natural Park: 120 km. (1 and a half hours drive)

- SPA La Mancha Wetlands: 85 km. (1 hour drive)

- SPA Calatrava Steppes: 20 km. (15 minutes drive)

- SPA Calatrava Volcanic Fields: 20 km. (15 minutes drive)

- SPA Campo de Montiel: 60 km. (45 minutes drive)


All our tours are made in comfortable and big air conditioned All Terrain vehicles Mitsubishi Montero & Toyota Landcruiser (reduced groups). This vehicles allow us to get access to isolated areas very difficult to reach. 


You can contact us and ask for our guided tours around La Mancha and Sierra Morena. We can also draw up tailor-made itineraries for individuals or groups.


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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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