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Observando en el Almirez Natura Indomita


Half & Full Day Tours


Looking for a special experience in Spain? Natura Indomita offers custom trips in the area of La Mancha & Sierra Morena, exclusive moments for those travelers interested in routes "off the beaten track", making them feel like Nineteenth-century voyagers in the unknown heart of Spain.


Pantano del Jandula Natura Indomita


Sierra Morena: the last indomitable land of Spain


Vast, isolated, wild... this is Sierra Morena, the last home of the Iberian Lynx, the last refuge of the southern Iberian Wolves, the blue skies reigning over the greenery of the best preserved meditarrean forests of Spain, while the silhouettes of the "big five raptors" keep an eye on us.


Buitre Negro Black Vulture Natura Indómita


Cabañeros: heart of Wild Spain


No other place in Spain offers a truly unspoiled nature as Cabañeros National Park and its influence area. Been a National Park since 1995, this gem set in Montes de Toledo mountain range host fantastic populations of raptors and a whole universe of vascular plants.


Avutardas en Calatrava Natura Indomita


Campo de Calatrava: all in just one place


Not as well known as other areas of La Mancha, the Campo de Calatrava offers semiarid steppes, salty lagoons, patches of very well preserved mediterranean forest and the only volcanic region in Western Europe, with unique landscapes and fantastic opportunities for enjoying endangered wildlife.


La cascada de la Batanera 3 Natura Indomita


Valle de Alcudia


The best kept secret of Castilla-La Mancha: a land of deciduous forests, mountains, river gorges, waterfalls and the longest dehesa like valley of Spain. Marked out by old mines, lost cities and Miguel de Cervantes' scenes, the Valle de Alcudia surprises travelers with its natural wealth.


Anochece en la Madre del Guadiana Natura Indomita


Las Tablas de Daimiel: a lush waterfowl parade


Named one of the 200 best wetlands in the World, this unique place where fresh & brackish waters from the Guadiana river blends, offers the visitor the last picture of an ecosystem about to dissapear in Western Europe. A real aquatic Mesopotamia in the heart of the dry plains of La Mancha.


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