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Estampida en Calatrava Natura Indomita


The Calatrava Steppes, the last haven


Where looking for steppe birds in Southern Spain, the Calatrava steppes emerge as the area where the Big Five of the European steppes can be seen sharing fields besieged by cities, roads, motorways and even airports. The last haven... for how much longer?

Fast Facts



Birdlife enthusiasts, twitchers, small groups, couples or indivuals           

travelers interested in natural environment.


2 Different options to visit the Calatrava Steppes: 1 itinerary for Half

Day Trip and one complete Full Day Trip including the Guadiana steppes


All year round. Best season from November to March.


Big flocks of mixed Little Bustards & Pin-Tailed Sandgrouses in winter time.


4X4 routes, birdwatching, volcanoe watching.





Ganga Iberica Pin Tailed Sandgrouse Natura Indomita Ciruela en Marzo Natura Indomita Alcaravan Natura Indomita




The Big Five of the Steppes: Great & Little Bustard, Pin-Tailed & Black-Belied Sandgrouse, Stone Curlew.


4 different biomes: steppes, plain rivers, mediterranean forests and the Calatrava Volcanic region.


Good chances for Imperial & Golden Eagles, Little Owl, Bee-Eater, Roller and Spectacled Warbler (seasonally).


 Golden Eagle, Spanish Imperial Eagle, Montagu's Harrier, Black-Shouldered Kite, Lesser Kestrel, Quail, Common Crane, Great Bustard, Little Bustard, Stone Curlew, Collared Pratincole, Pin-Tailed Sandgrouse, Black-Belied Sandgrouse, Gull-Billed Tern, Eagle-Owl, Little Owl, Turtle Dove, Great Spotted Cuckoo, Iberian  Woodpecker, Pallid Swift, Greater Short-Toed Lark, Calandra Lark, King-Fisher, Bee-Eater, Roller, Hoopoe, Spectacled Warbler,  Great-Reed Warbler, Southern Grey Shrike, Red-Billed Chough.


Egyptian Mongoose, Red Fox, Wild Boar. 


Birds Checklist of this Trip: Steppe Birds of Calatrava


La Ermita solitaria Natura Indomita La Carraca Natura INdomita Atardece en las estepas de Calatrava Natura Indomita


Trip Options

             Option 1: Calatrava Steppes          

. Calatrava Steppes

. Campo de Calatrava Volcanoes

. Jabalon plain river
. Jabalon mountain river


Half Day Trip

Option 2: Calatrava & Guadiana Steppes  

. Calatrava Steppes

. Campo de Calatrava Volcanoes

. Jabalon plain river
. Jabalon mountain river

. Zacatena Dehesa (Tablas de Daimiel N.P.)

. Guadiana Steppes

. Calatrava La Vieja Castle


Full Day Trip


What's included


  • Private Trip.
  • Pick up at your lodging in Almagro.
  • Ground transport in modern & big 4x4 car (groups up to 4 people).
  • Available transport in Minivan for groups of up to 8 people.
  • Services of professional birding & nature guide fluent in English.
  • Use of Binoculars for all customers.
  • Use of Spotting Scope.
  • Use of Birds, Mammals, Flora & Butterflies field guides.
  • Insurance.
  • All taxes.
  • Reduced groups (6 persons maximun).


This outing in a Natural Source of Vitamin G (Green Vitamin).




  • Flexible timetable, either in the morning or afternoon (please check availability)
  • Five-Six hours Trip (Half Day) or up to Twelve hours Trip (Full Day).




  • Easy. Walks of up to 1 kilometer with gentle gradients on good tracks and boardwalks.


Great Bustard in Calatrava Jette Bjerregaard


Our Guide



Madrid (1968)


La Mancha resident. Former member and coordinater of SEO/Birdlife in the Ciudad Real province, for several years was in charge of the Important Bird Area (IBA 208) of Sierra de Andujar-Sierra Madrona in the Castile-La Mancha sector. Member and Approved Guide of the Andalucia Bird Society, he also collaborates with the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) and Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF). Professional Birding guide since 2008.


As a nature lover interested in all aspects of the world of ornithology, Vicente has had the opportunity to realize many different Birding Tours all over the world that have provided him a high degree of experience in nature tourism and birdwatching in particular, having seen close to 3.000 bird species. Enthusiast about natural expeditions, combines its practice with other hobbies such as astronomy, geography, history, literature, trekking and hiking, having ascended mountain peaks on four continents.


Fluent in English, Vicente is the Director of Natura Indomita Tours.




Half Day Trips


110 € for 1 person.
60 € per person (for 2 persons).
45 € per person (for 3 persons).
40 € per person (for 4 persons).
35 € per person (for 5-6 persons).

VAT Included.

Full Day Trips


210 € for 1 person.
110 € per person (for 2 persons).
85 € per person (for 3 persons).
70 € per person (for 4 persons).

VAT Included.



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Landscapes & Wildlife of this Trip


Avutardas en Calatrava Natura Indomita Imperial Calatravena Natura Indomita Meloncillo Natura Indomita
Calatrava La Vieja 1 Natura Indómita Cada Mochuelo a su olivo Natura Indomita Elanio Azul en Calatrava Natura Indomita
Ganga Iberica en el Guadiana Natura Indomita Cae la noche en Calatrava Natura Indomita El Crialo Natura Indomita




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