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White Headed Duck in Calatrava Natura Indomita


The Realm of the White-Headed Duck


The gem of the Spanish National Parks still able to dazzle thanks to its fabulous cast of birds. Over 300 bird species identified, 82 breeding species, five different biomes... and an outstanding nearby lagoon, Navaseca, the Realm of the White-Headed Duck and one of the best places in Spain to watch bird rarities.


Lynx in the Jandula river Fulco Pignatti


The rarest cat in the world is not alone


One tour focused in the Iberian Lynx search... difficult, very difficult, but, what would you say if we only saw Spanish Imperial Eagle, Golden Eagle, Bonelli's Eagle, Black Vulture or Black Stork? Would it be worth it?


Birding in La Mancha with Stefan Sturup Natura Indomita


Half & Full Day Birdwatching Trips


Natura Indomita offers specialist birding trips and holidays in the area of La Mancha & Sierra Morena with leading responsible bird watching guides. Over ten years experienced routes in Central and Southern Spain focused in the most wanted Iberian specialties.

Ciguenas Negras Black Stork Natura Indomita


Sierra Morena, the wildest land


Nothing compares the thrilling of birding through the indomitable Sierra Morena. Nowhere in Spain the traveler can reach a seductive and mysterious land like this... and the birds are incredible.


Buitres empanzorraos Natura Indomita


Cabañeros area: raptors & waterfowl in the heart of the mediterranean forests


Cabañeros, the best preserved mediterranean forest in the Iberian Peninsula, harbors an amazing cast of birdlife wich includes the very rare Spanish Imperial Eagle, the Black-Shouldered Kite and the densest colony of Black Vulture in Europe. But birding here is much more rewarding...


Estampida en Calatrava Natura Indomita


The Calatrava Steppes, the last haven


Where looking for steppe birds in Southern Spain, the Calatrava steppes emerge as the area where the Big Five of the European steppes can be seen sharing fields besieged by cities, roads, motorways and even airports. The last haven... for how much longer?


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